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BOB Live!
The Science of Breaking Bad Habits & Going Beyond Motivation to Achieve Your Goals!
Your mind is programmed with principles, habits, behaviors and values that govern every aspect of your life. Many times the things that are programed within our minds create more problems than we know. In this powerful thought-provoking keynote, based on his book "Games Manager's Play!" Jeff will show you in his hilarious, but no-nonsense - “I never thought about it that way before” style, the inner workings of the mind and how to reprogram it.
He not only shows where your behavior originates, he also demonstrates proven techniques that you can use to alter distracting behavior at work and at home. His easy-to-understand and comical metaphors will simplify the complex workings of your behavior into a manageable formula that will have you overcoming any behavioral problem you may face in the workplace.
Whether you are dealing with change, bad attitudes, lack of productivity or exhausting emotional behaviors, this keynote or general session will be a game changer!
Short Term
Take control of your mind and adjust your thinking from viewing "change as a problem" to and seeing change as an opportunity. Learn how to easily except change and use it as motivation to achieve more than ever before.
Know the reasons why change causes stress and other emotions to escalate and learn the easy way to control your reactions and handle the emotions of others as well.
Improve your ability to respond to change in a positive way by altering your fixed pattern responses. Learn the secrets to re-program your mind easily. Get the results you want.
Long term
You will be able to break the bad habits that have limited your productivity and performance in the past. You will learn be able to alter the habitual actions of others without the emotional turmoil that usually accompanies change.
By learning the science of reprogramming your mind, you will able to alter effortlessly the behaviors of your team. Your staff will become more flexible and able to do more with less.
You will be able to communicate change to others in a way that brings less resistance. Have your team embracing the policy or procedural adjustment as a positive transformation instead of a negative alteration.

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